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With the new ultra high performance Model 20T, Aerial advances its technology beyond the highly acclaimed Model 10T to significantly increase performance in several areas. In some cases this has been achieved through refinement of the technology used in the Model 10T. In other areas, such as the new wide bandwidth ribbon tweeter, completely new technology has been employed. In addition to new technology and superior quality components, beautiful new exterior design and finishes are used to enhance the appearance of the Model 20T.

Separate application-specific bass and head cabinets allow for independent optimization of function, providing performance difficult to achieve in one-box systems. Constructed of thick MDF panels laminated with energy-absorbing damping and reinforced with rigid bracing, the optimally-shaped Model 20T head achieves an unusually high degree of acoustic inertness while still maintaining a very small baffle.
The head is now full depth, allowing the midrange and treble networks to be located in a separate air-cooled chamber in the back of the head, isolated from driver pressure and vibration. The head mounts to the bass cabinet with an isolation system that prevents energy transmission between cabinets. The head is veneered with continuous grain matching with the bass cabinet to give an elegant, integrated appearance.
Unlike the head, the large bass enclosure has substantial internal volume and significant baffle area. Although very expensive to apply on a large scale, the same massive construction used in the head is also employed in the bass cabinet. The bass enclosure is now vented underneath the cabinet providing constant loading and easy room placement. Response is extended and flat into the 20's. The bass system is well damped with greatly improved bass transient performance and articulation, particularly in the critical mid-bass. To enhance this performance, a slim laser-cut steel base with adjustable out-board spikes and floor protectors is included.

Several years of development went into the design of the custom drivers. The midrange driver and the two 9" woofers use damped fiber bilaminate cones driven by long copper/aluminum voice coils wound on new titanium bobbins. The powerful dual 9" long stroke woofers move more air with better control than a 12" woofer. The midrange driver uses twin copper control rings as well as a demodulation ring for low distortion. The high force-to-mass ratios produced by large magnet structures ensure quick acceleration and tight control. Cone travel in both drivers is very long and linear for unrestrained dynamics and low distortion. Power handling, dynamics, and sensitivity are extremely high.

The most unique driver is the extraordinary new ribbon tweeter. It was chosen because of its remarkably clear and open sound. It has a delicacy and listen-through transparency unlike any conventional tweeter. Unlike some older designs, the power handling of this ribbon is extremely high. The sound of this new ribbon tweeter is exceptional, and must be heard to be appreciated.

Seamless amplitude and phase integration are provided by precision 24 dB/octave crossover networks made with expensive polypropylene film capacitors, large air and nickel-steel core coils, and high purity cables. The characteristics of the drivers are skillfully integrated by these networks to provide a sense of realism, delicacy, and transparency at any level of operation.

The result is system performance that translates into pure listening pleasure at the highest level:
stunning dynamics and extreme accuracy within the framework of an open, natural, transparent character. From extended and authoritative low frequency reproduction, through clear, open, natural midrange, to delicate, beautifully detailed and airy treble with extension beyond 40 kHz, the new Model 20T's performance goes hand-in-hand with its appearance: truly distinctive, impressive, and totally captivating.


Frequency Response

27 Hz to 30 kHz ± 2 dB. -8 dB at 23 Hz and 40 kHz


90 dB at 2.83 Vrms and 1.0 meter on axis


4 Ω nominal, 2.8 Ω minimum, low reactance

Power Requirements

50 to 800 watts (8 Ω rating) recommended


Two 8.9" (225 mm) cast magnesium alloy frame drivers
Damped bilaminate composite cones
Massive vented magnet structures
2.0" (51 mm) diameter ultra-linear long-stroke coils


7.1" (180 mm) cast magnesium alloy frame driver
Carbon filament reinforced damped composite cone
Large magnet structure with vented machined pole piece
1.6" (40 mm) diameter linear stroke coil


4.1" (105 mm) 5 micron pure aluminum ribbon
Precision cast aluminum waveguide
Massive ultra-high Gauss neodymium magnet structure
High-power self-aligning diaphragm


300 Hz and 3.5 kHz at 24 dB per octave Linkwitz-Riley
Large independent networks on glass-epoxy PCBs
High-purity copper wiring with TeflonÆ insulation


Compound constrained layer damped 2" thick walls
Isolated, individually-optimized bass and head enclosures
Extensive interlocked bracing. Tongue and groove joints
Mirror-imaged matched pairs in fine architectural veneers
Limited edition exotic veneers and high gloss finishes


Four gold-plated WBT binding posts with copper jumpers
Bi-wire and bi-amp capable. Head unit cable included

Included Bases

Laser-cut solid steel bases including stainless steel spikes,
machined hardware, and floor protectors
Gold, silver, or black finishes

Dimensions HWD

Head cabinet
Bass Cabinet

15.4 x 10.7 x 22.5" (390 x 272 x 572 mm)
29.1 x 12.6 x 22.5" (740 x 320 x 572 mm)
47.0 x 12.6 x 22.5" (1194 x 320 x 572 mm)

Weight Each

252 lbs (115 kg). 346 lbs (157 kg) packed


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